For six weeks starting from this weekend, an earthy fragrance will mingle with the smell of coffee grounds in a space above St ALi in South Melbourne. With winter comes truffle season and Simon McCrudden and Bernadette Jenner are showcasing quality Australian truffles in their seasonal shop, Madame Truffles, from Fridays to Sundays until the July 29.

The idea behind the shop, which is popping up for the second year, is to make this delicacy more accessible to the Australian public. “Australia is producing high-quality truffles, and yet they are still viewed as quite mysterious, unobtainable things,” says McCrudden. “We want people to be able to enjoy them.”

The store, which has been designed by Leila Sanderson and is set up to look a bit like a French country kitchen, will allow punters to peruse and smell a variety of truffles from across the country. Truffles from Tasmania, Western Australia, New South Wales and, for the first time this year, Victoria, will be on sale and on display. “We want people to come in and smell each of the varieties we have and to understand that each different farm, and even farming practice, produces truffles that are different in smell and taste,” says McCrudden.

Although Victorian truffles aren’t available yet (the season starts slightly later), a variety of sizes will be available, with 10g truffles costing between $30 and $45.

Madame Truffles
Level 1, 1–5 Yarra Place, South Melbourne
0430 017 480

Fri 10am–6pm
Sat & Sun 9am–4pm

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