Windsor, an inner-city suburb in the south-east, isn’t short on good places to eat. But we’ve rounded up three of our favourite dishes in the neighbourhood for $20 or less: an inventive chilli scramble, a smoky kofte wrap and two snacks that pair well together.

Kofte Wrap, Maramara

This Turkish restaurant has been making this kofte wrap using the same recipe for the past 44 years. The hand-made spiced lamb koftes are made from meat that is marinated with cumin, red paprika, ground black pepper and salt. The meat is minced in-house, grilled over charcoal and delivers smoky and savoury notes in every bite. The koftes are combined with fresh iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, red onions and a refreshing cucumber dip, making this wrap ideal for an evening stroll along Chapel Street.

Potato crab royale and spelt flatbread, Young Hearts

Young Hearts on High Street is where an inviting, relaxed atmosphere combines with a mix of outstanding dishes and drinks. But the $9 potato crab royale is a standout, and perfectly showcases chefs James Cornwall and Ben John’s sense of innovation. A crisp potato rosti is topped with a mix of spanner crab, sauce gribiche (a classic French sauce that uses hard-boiled eggs, pickles, capers and herbs) and Old Bay Seasoning.

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A great accompaniment to the potato crab royale is Young Hearts’ $10 spelt flatbread – a fresh, hibachi-grilled bread served with a creamy savoury macadamia miso butter – that’s designed to be savoured slowly (and ideally with a drink).

Chilli scramble, Oppen

We know you can find chilli scrambles all over Melbourne, but this isn’t your average take on the cafe staple; it’s a carefully crafted dish that elevates the simple ingredients to something greater.

Oppen’s chilli scramble, priced at $20, is worth knowing about. Chef Zume Pham’s approach is a bit out of the ordinary, exploring a wider range of flavours and textures than we’re used to seeing.

The dish features candied bacon, smoked capsicum, balsamic vinegar, Grana Padano cheese and saltbush. The saltbush adds an earthy, saline flavour and enhances the richness of the silky eggs, the salty sweetness of the bacon and the smoky overtones of the capsicum.