Between spots like Gemini, Half Moon and Wonder Pies, there is no shortage of great places to eat in Coburg and Coburg North. We’ve rounded up three of our favourite dishes under $20 in the area.
Including Adana Co’s lamb kebabs, an $8 falafel wrap and changing sandwich specials from one of the best bakeries in town.

Adana kebab, Adana Co – $17

This Coburg North spot shines thanks to its specialty Turkish Adana kebabs. Stop by and you’ll likely find owner Erin Icbudak rotating the lamb over the grill, which infuses the meat with a smoky flavour. Get an accompaniment of grilled tomato with extra garlic sauce and pickled chilli, or try one of Icbudak’s equally good chicken kebabs.

Falafel wrap, Middle Eastern Restaurant – $8

Packed with fluffy, herb-packed chickpea falafels, crisp vegetables and your choice of sauce, each bite of this Lebanese-style falafel wrap is a mini flavour explosion – and you can amp it up again with the Sydney Road spot’s signature chilli oil.

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Changing sandwich specials, Back Alley Bakes – $20 and under

Run by husband and wife Gabriel Alonso and Alana Trevisan, Back Alley Bakes offers a sandwich menu that locals love. It changes often, but past favourites include mozzarella, stracciatella, rocket, sauerkraut and seeded mustard on a demi baguette, and chipotle-roasted chicken, wombok, lime dressing, fresh herbs and pickles on a classic sourdough – all for under $20. Alonso and Trevisan have keen eyes for seasonal produce, and along with their team, transform the humble lunch staple into culinary gold. Make sure you stock up on sourdough before heading home – and don’t sleep on the olive loaf, either.

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