Here are some facts about Rohan Anderson: his favourite vegetable is eggplant, his speech is delightfully peppered with true blue colloquialisms such as “pull your thumb out” and “gour-met” (complete with a spoken “t”) – not to mention slight updates like “bloody rad” – and his most recent job title is that of “food facilitator”. Not content with the publication of his guidebook on sustainable living Whole Larder Love and the success of his food blog of the same name, Anderson’s latest venture is a veggie box project that operates between a single, country farmer and his growing network of increasingly food-conscious city dwelling followers.

Customers looking for produce a little less generic and a little more socially and environmentally conscious than that found at Coles can place weekly orders of certified organic vegetables and truly free range eggs through Anderson’s online community food shop. Food deliveries are then personally packed by Anderson at the crack of sparrows and delivered each weekend to four locations, spanning north, south and western Melbourne, as well as Ballarat.

While Anderson was energised by the communication he had with people as passionate about food grown without chemicals as himself, concerns about city food stores taking advantage of people’s desire to eat organic by ramping up prices spawned him to take action.

As Whole Larder Love is a grassroots project in the truest sense of the word, bypassing the overheads of rent and wages, the value for money is, in Anderson’s words, “bloody rad”. With an enormous box of vegetables just $48, we’re inclined to agree. By ordering a veggie box, customers can save themselves the trip out of town and be a part of something that is as organic as the flavoursome, beautifully misshapen vegetables on offer.

Vegetables Boxes $48
Free Range Eggs $10

Rohan will be making deliveries in St Kilda, Fitzroy, Footscray and Ballarat. For further details of this week's delivery times and locations, click here.