Ca Com, the Richmond banh mi bar run by Thi Le and Jia-Yen Lee, starts its new dinner service, Ca Com by Night, today.

The small snacky menu – available for walk-ins only from 5.30pm on Fridays and Saturdays – will change frequently, but always with a focus on food that’s best enjoyed with bread.

Each week, Le – who is also chef at Laotian restaurant Jeow next door – will serve the house-made Vietnamese charcuterie that also features in Ca Com’s cold-cut bahn mi; a hot soupy dish (this week it’s a seafood stew); oysters; and a few rotating grilled items.

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Plus, after being stuck in liquor-license purgatory for two-and-a-half years, the duo is finally offering alcoholic drinks, with a selection of low-intervention wines available at dinner.

Night-time trade has been in the works for a while, but the duo had a rough week in the lead up to the debut service. Last Saturday morning, August 5, an extraction unit at Ca Com failed and caught fire, forcing the duo to temporary close up shop.

Thankfully they’re back with jungle-sausage banh mi and slices of pandan chiffon cake at lunchtime, and they have no plans to pause dinner. “The main thing we learnt through Covid is resilience, and also a ‘screw-it-just-do-it’ attitude, so here we are!” Thi Le told Broadsheet via email.

Ca Com by Night runs every Friday and Saturday from 5.30pm.