For over 150 years, the local pub has been a place for a cold drink, quality nourishment and plenty of entertainment. Central to our local communities, pubs are about catching up with mates and loved ones after work, and having a beer and a good time while you’re at it. Put simply, Melbourne and pubs go hand in hand.

But with our ever changing and diversifying food and drink culture, many of our pubs aren’t the social hubs they once were. Melbourne Pub Group (MPG) is here to fix that.

Responsible for the revival and growth of the Middle Park Hotel, Newmarket Hotel, Albert Park Hotel, Circa and The Prince, just to name a few, MPG is reminding us of the importance of our classic public houses.

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So with some help from Broadsheet, MPG has launched an online publication that provides readers with a behind-the-scenes look into the workings of a modern pub and the community that surrounds it. Given our love for all things food and drink, the chance to get to know what’s really happening within our city’s great pubs makes for a fascinating read.

Together with MPG, The Publican will give you insight into a community that is truly unique to Melbourne. Here, you’ll meet the people who grow your produce, cook your meals and pour your beers.

While we wait for the next dude food or burger trend to arrive, something we can always bet on is the integrity and charm of our great pubs. This is your chance to learn more about the institutions that started it all.

Tap into The Publican.