Freshness. Canadian Steve “Moose” Germain talks about it constantly. He and business partner Dan “Tallboy” Hall are serious about getting crisp, vibrant beers into your glass.

Drop into their new brewery in Preston and you’ll see just how serious they are. Three fermentation tanks occupy a small corner of the warehouse, overlooked by a Picasso-esque feature wall by artist Simon Massey di Vallazza. Together, these vessels hold just 3600 litres. For context, Stomping Ground Brewing Co. in Collingwood can handle six times that – its main tanks hold 24,000 litres combined.

“We purposely brought in a relatively small brewhouse so we can move through the beers quickly, keep it fresh and try new things on a regular basis,” Germain says. Once the beers are complete they’re moved into the adjacent fridge for minimum spoilage.

In the interests of that quick turnover, the brewery’s four debut brews are accessible – maybe too accessible. There’s not a heap of difference between Tallboy’s Cream Ale (clean and refreshing), Only Ella (slightly more hoppy and flavoursome) and Deep Steep, a maltier amber ale infused with chamomile.

That’s okay. Hall is a professional brewer (ex-Moon Dog and Hawkers) with plans to make more adventurous beers very soon.

In the meantime, the four guest taps will satisfy the most hardcore drinkers. If that’s you, head straight for 40 Ft. Brewing’s Gran Humo Negro. It’s a rare example of a well-executed chilli beer, balancing the smoke and heat of chipotle and morita chillies with the thick, soothing mouthfeel of a classic porter.

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If this or any other beer takes your fancy, the bar has a “crowler” (aka a “canimal”, aka a reverse can opener) – an impressive machine that seals a litre of beer inside a giant can for you to take home.

Young parents will appreciate the table-tennis table, baby changing room and play area filled with toys.

Food trucks visit the site on weekends, or you can order in. Foodora and Deliveroo don’t play this far north, but UberEats does. Just hope that when your food arrives, it’s as fresh as that beer.

Tallboy & Moose
270 Raglan Street, Preston
(03) 9484 7802

Wed to Fri 4pm–11pm
Sat 12pm–11pm
Sun 12pm–9pm