It’s the story of when one of Sydney’s best bakeries met one of Melbourne’s.

On Saturday April 30, Flour and Stone’s Nadine Ingram will pop up at Michael James’s Tivoli Road. Ingram will offer her pastries in the South Yarra store, including her panna-cotta lamington, and her famous apple tart.

“I think Flour and Stone is one of the best patisseries in Australia,” says James. “Visually, she [Ingram] makes a really beautiful product. But there’s a lot of flavour behind it as well, it doesn’t just look pretty.”

The takeover is something of a reunion – the two worked together at the iconic Bourke Street Bakery in Sydney many years ago.

The Flour and Stone pop-up comes after Tivoli Road’s recent collaboration with San Francisco’s esteemed Tartine Bakery as part of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival.

“We got heaps from that, in terms of technique. We use the same flour and equipment, so it was good to see their process,” says James. “We see it in restaurants and festivals, but it’d be nice to see more collaboration in the baking world.”

Ingram’s panna-cotta lamington is made using a standard-issue sponge-cake base, but it is taken to the next level by soaking it in a panna-cotta cream. The rustic-yet-elegant apple tart, James tells us, is “eaten with the eyes”.

“The apple tart, there’s a lot of labour in it,” he says. “They’re beautiful apples on a really fine, thin-crust pastry. It’s quite stunning.”

Flour and Stone comes to Tivoli Road for one day only on Saturday April 30. Tivoli Road Bakery is at 3 Tivoli Road, South Yarra and is open from 7.30am to 4pm. We suggest you get in early.