One morning a sweet delivery arrived at our door – a box of pretty cupcakes, hand delivered by Hayley McKee of Sticky Fingers Bakery. An online bakery delivery service, Sticky Fingers believes baking and music go hand in hand, so they turn the tunes up loud and let the cakes soak up the melodies (our cakes had been listening to Talking Heads).

Baked fresh and delivered daily to your door, Sticky Fingers use organic and locally sourced ingredients where possible in their delicious cakes and feature bright and shimmering icing piped with precision.

For morning tea we were treated to the Americana (an ode to the peanut butter and jelly sandwich), Elvis and the Drive-in (with peanut butter frosting and jam inside), the Raspberry Beret (a mix of Prince and a raspberry sundae in a cupcake with raspberry swirl cake, vanilla icing drizzled in chocolate sauce and nuts) and the Lemon Curd (a zesty cupcake with a homemade lemon curd centre and creamy vanilla icing). Sweet!

Other delicious flavours include Choc Cherry Cola, Passiona & White Chocolate, Pina Colada, Aztec Chocolate, Blueberry Pancakes and even a cupcake named after Dame Edna and dedicated to the humble lamington.

McKee bakes and decorates these cakes for delivery, but she also caters for weddings, markets and events.

This Valentine's Day (Feb 14, 2014), Sticky Fingers is teaming up with the girls at The Handsome Bloom to deliver locally grown roses alongside summer berry and champagne cupcakes.

Little Wig: A dozen pink roses and six cupcakes, $80.

Big Wig: A dozen long-stemmed red and pink roses and 12 cupcakes, $120.

'Ninja' deliveries are available on the 13th. Email for orders.