After trying the fluffy shaved-ice dessert known as bingsoo on a business trip to South Korea, Stephanie and David Kennar couldn’t get enough of the popular sweet treat. So they decided to be the first to do it properly in Melbourne.

“The Koreans eat it in summer and winter, even when it’s snowing,” says Stephanie Kennar.

Patbingsoo is drawing in punters who are curious about the snow-like dessert. Alongside The Classic bingsoo (airy ice topped with red beans and soft rice cake known as tteok), there is a variety of blends such as the Korean Colada (black sesame ice cream, coconut sago and kaffir lime marshmallow) and The Invasion (green-tea ice-cream, lychee jelly and a coconut macaron).

The full menu brings a Korean twist to typical Western dishes, with spicy kimchi flavours and Asian nuances coming through dishes such as the PBS burger with marinated wagyu patty and kimchi barbeque sauce; and its addictive Oppa Gangnam Fries, topped with kimchi, radish, sour cream, and optional pork bulgogi (highly recommended).

“We knew there’d be some real favourites among the Korean food eaters, so we looked at how we could modernise those. We both feel very strongly about high quality, organic, and free range produce. Everything we use is local and premium,” says Stephanie.

Wash it down with organic Australian green tea or its house-made kombucha and you’ve got a Korean meal that will satisfy even the fussiest of palates.

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Patbingsoo posits a little bit of Seoul smack-bang into Melbourne’s south, with its hanging vintage Korean record tapestry on display, alongside the Korean newspaper lining the walls. The space will bring nostalgia to any expat, while setting the scene for those new to the culture.

128 York Street, South Melbourne
(03) 8060 5771

Hours (this week)
Mon to Sat 8.30am–4pm

Hours (starting next week)
Tues 8.30am–4pm
Wed to Sat 8.30am–10pm
Sun 12pm–8pm (bingsoo and coffee only)