Kathy Tsaples of Prahran Market’s Sweet Greek is divulging her secrets of flavoursome Greek cuisine with a brand new cookbook. Themed around traditional Greek holidays, this vibrant, comprehensive volume offers a great diversity of seasonal recipes that can be adapted to any occasion. If you’ve visited the stall at the Prahran Market, you will no doubt be pleased, as the book features step-by-step guides to recreating the most luscious and sought-after goods sold in Tsaples’ shop.

Sharing the shop’s name, Sweet Greek is due for release just before Mother’s Day. It’s fitting, as it was Tsaples’ own mother who motivated her to learn and perfect the recipes of her Greek heritage.

“My mother's food and cooking has always been from the heart,” Tsaples explains. “This book is a way for me to honour not only my mother, but every migrant who has come to Australia and brought with them an abundance of knowledge and techniques about food.”

It was also a battle with breast cancer that triggered Tsaples’ urge to pursue her passion for food and document her family’s traditions. “I received the news about my cancer during our Holy Week,” she recounts. “This was the turning point in my life. When I walked into the house my mother was dying our eggs red for us. I made a promise that I would do everything in my power to beat the cancer in order to pass all this onto my own children.”

Aside from paying homage to the culture of Greece, Sweet Greek is, at its heart, a celebration of life and the bringing together of loved ones through food.

“Greek cuisine is simple, fresh and delicious,” Tsaples says. “I would like people to see how by taking a recipe from the book they can feed their family, fill their house with the most delicious aromas and create their own Greek memories.”

Spanakopita, anyone?

Sweet Greek is available at good book stores and online.