Chef Shaun Quade is taking his sweet works of art west and holding dessert evenings every Monday at the Duchess of Spotswood.

A Quade dessert event isn’t just course after course of sugary treats that weigh your palate down. Each dish is more like a work of art than a meal.

Frozen coconut oil and white chocolate, hibiscus and watermelon concentrate, and eucalyptus and Szechuan pepper are just some of the flavours Quade will create when he gets into the kitchen at the Duchess of Spotswood on Monday nights.

A chef who has honed his skills and pushed boundaries in kitchens such as Sydney’s Quay, The Royal Mail Hotel in Dunkeld and Urbane in Brisbane, Quade is stretching his dessert muscles in a small but creative context.

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Bookings for the dessert evenings are essential and can be made by contacting Duchess of Spotswood on (03) 9391 6016