In step with the ever-growing number of local markets and increased desire to buy locally and sustainably, South Yarra salon Sweet Caroline is taking a leaf out of its own environmentally conscious book and transforming its courtyard into an organic produce market.

The Sweet Caroline team have dubbed it their Marketto, giving it a European ring. It’s a collaboration with Luckwood Organics and is intended to inspire an open mind when it comes to sustainable living.

Sweet Caroline owner Jamie McFarlane is keen to take her salon’s environmental credentials even further than organic products. "We are looking at using unused urban spaces to lower the cost of produce for the community, seeing retail in a different light," she says. The aim is to take it back to basics and engage the community.

In line with this, store holders include Planet Luxe – known for their organic, chemical free, cleaning products – as well as olive products and preserves from Hart’s Farm. Luckwood Organics will also be offering lots of fresh produce.

While munching on the vegetarian barbecue feast provided, pocket some complimentary recipe cards, sure to inspire your weekend cook-ups and put your farmers’ market spending to good use. Set to take place once a month, the Sweet Caroline Marketto seems like a nice way to kick off a wintery weekend.

Sweet Caroline Marketto
40 Caroline Street, South Yarra
8am–1pm, second Saturday of the month.