Sunda chef Khanh Nguyen has always found clever ways to weave native ingredients into his modern Southeast Asian menu.

In fact, one of the Punch Lane venue’s standout dishes features arguably the most quintessentially Aussie flavour of all: Vegemite.

In 2018, Broadsheet Melbourne editor Ellen Fraser raved about Sunda’s off-menu Vegemite curry, which comes served with flaky buttermilk roti and nails the balance between umami and gentle spice.

Usually Nguyen and his team make a limited 20 to 25 serves a night, but until the end of the month they’ll be bottling and selling jars of the cult curry to raise money for bushfire-affected communities in Gippsland, as well as Victorian wildlife displaced or injured by bushfires.

The curry, which you can pre-order now, is made with Vegemite, butter, roasted yeast and sour cream, and a jar will set you back $15. Sunda will donate 100 per cent of the proceeds to the Gippsland Emergency Relief Fund, Zoos Victoria’s emergency bushfire fund and Wildlife Victoria’s bushfire appeal.

Order yours today via to pick up at Sunda from Friday January 17.

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