The Teatini is Storm’s purest and most elegant cocktail. While most Teatini’s out there follow the road taken by the predominant Western tea culture (fruity with loads of sugar), ours is dry and unsullied by the fillers that are so frequently used to mask weak tea. The cocktail was originally made with 666 Vodka as it is delicious, pure and local, however we changed to Delord Blanche Armagnac on discovering that its soft, waxy, nuttiness was the perfect match for Sejak, our chosen tea.

Sejak is a green tea from South Korea. Korean teas are of extremely high in quality. The tea masters are meticulous in the picking, sorting and production of these subtle and complex teas. The Sejak is the second growth of leaves following the tea bushes’ period of dormancy in winter. These mid-spring teas are prized for fresh, floral brightness balanced with light vegetal tannins. The most famous of these teas is the 2nd Flush Darjeeling from northern India; it’s full of rich honey and muscatel flavours. Sejak has a stunning, buttery mouth-feel, a delicate nuttiness and lovely soft vegetal tannins – perfect features to enhance the spiciness of top-notch white spirits.

The Teatini is delightful to make, with gentle agitation and stirring all that’s required. It’s meditative and almost magical. The tea is infused in the Armagnac at room temperature. To ensure maximum extraction, the infusion requires gentle stirring as there is no heat to move it around. It is then strained and stirred through ice until it becomes arctic cold. Gold leaf is the only possible garnish as any other flavour-based element would destroy the simplicity of the cocktail.

What you’ll need:

90ml Delord Blanche Armagnac
10g Sejak green tea
Gold leaf
Martini glass
Boston shaker
Tea strainer
Bar spoon


Infuse the tea in the room temperature spirit for three-and-a-half minutes, stirring each minute. Strain with tea strainer into a Boston shaker, pressing the infusion out of the leaves with the bar spoon. Fill shaker two-thirds with ice and gently stir through the infusion until the shaker is very cold to touch (about two minutes). Strain into glass and garnish with a tiny bit of gold leaf.