For more than two years, Catie Gett has been providing the southern suburbs of Melbourne with ethically produced natural ingredients and local, organic health foods at The Staple Store. Now she’s expanded her vision. She has just opened a sustainable health-and-wellness clinic, A Staple Space. With a prime location on a high-rise rooftop on Bourke Street, overlooking the GPO, Gett plans to enhance the lives of Melburnians, one office cubicle at a time.

As a clinical naturopath, Gett’s original shop grew naturally to be much more than a pantry pit stop. It evolved into a place for community connection.

Gett recognised that the city and its bustling, corporate, business culture were in need of a wellness space. “A Staple Space could help people to just take some time out to recoup and be mindful,” she says. “We want to embrace anyone, on any level, and help them on their wellness path.”

At A Staple Space services are tailored to the time-poor in need of breathing space. There are mini aromatherapy relaxation massage treatments. There is also cold-drip tea, Western liquid herbal extracts customised to specific health needs and, of course, food. Number crunchers and paper and pixel pushers can pick-up meals in a jar such as muesli, soup, Mexican curry and chocolate of the good kind, such as Citizen Cacao.

There is a line-up of therapists all in the one place, such as an acupuncturist, naturopaths, medical dieticians, lifestyle yoga instructors, remedial- and relaxation-massage therapists and a Chinese medicine practitioner. “I have chosen practitioners who are accessible and who people can relate too, making the process less clinical,” says Gett. “They are a cool bunch of people.”

A Staple Space
8/388 Bourke Street, Melbourne CBD
(03) 9913 5862

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Hours (Walk-in)
Tues to Fri 10am–6pm

Appointments available
Mon to Fri 7.30am–9.30pm