Autumn is well and truly upon us. The days are shorter and it’s cooling down – but that doesn’t mean you should stay home. In fact, Suntory Toki is giving us all plenty of reasons to leave the house this autumn.

Six venues across Melbourne and Sydney have teamed up with the Japanese whisky brand Suntory Toki for a collaboration that sounds hard to beat. Each venue will serve up its take on the highball, alongside a specifically curated snack to pair with it. The specials vary across venues, as do the dates – but they’re all running across several weeks, so you can make sure you make it to each one in your state.

In Melbourne, you can visit Izakaya by Tamura to find a Japanese street food favourite, takoyaki (octopus balls), paired with a classic highball. Set in a former pasta bar, the den-like venue will serve the special up on Thursday nights from 5pm until they run out. A highball will set you back $8, or pair it with six takoyaki for $15.

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Or, you can head to Bincho Boss, where you’ll have a few choices to make. The modern izakaya grills many of its dishes over charcoal and these specials are no exception. First, choose between a classic Suntory Toki highball or go for a three-way Highball Platter – which features the classic highball with foam and a molecular ravioli. The drinks are each $25 and are available every day from April 15 to mid-May.

Sydneysiders are also spoiled for choice. Izakaya Fujiyama is a cosy izakaya (designed to make you feel like you’re in an oversized bento box) serving up a classic Suntory Toki highball along with two signature Fujiyama sashimi tacos for $25. The special is on offer now and runs until Saturday May 11.

At Ito, the Japanese-Italian fusion restaurant isn’t holding back. Quail karaage with burnt capsicum agrodolce and radish is paired with a Suntory Toki Classic Highball. It’s $25 for the pair, on offer now until Sunday May 12.

And last but not least, Tanuki is leaning into the food it does best, curating the cocktail around the menu. Chef Ken’s Wagyu skewers are topped with a smoked Suntory Toki whisky pepper sauce and served alongside a Suntory Toki highball, complete with green apple, cinnamon and a pickled apple garnish. You can get your hands on the duo for $30 and it’s on offer now until May 21.

Sound good? All that’s left to do is book a table.

This article is produced by Broadsheet in partnership with Suntory Toki.