Wine (first and foremost) is for drinking, not just tasting and talking about. Which is exactly why we need more events like SoulFor Wine.

Going down on Sunday July 5 at 1000 Pound Bend, the day will show off Australia’s best minimal intervention, low-sulphur and natural wines, along with a mix of beers, food, cheeses, coffees and DJs.

Meet Giorgio de Maria and Cam Burton: two of the most passionate, zero-sulphur wine advocates around. The whole thing is their idea.

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“We’re both totally fascinated by how riveting, delicious and digestible high-quality wines that are free from added sulphur can be,” says de Maria, owner of one of Sydney’s most successful natural wine bars, 121BC. “Cam and I spend most of our time working with these sorts of wines and we just really, really want more people to have the opportunity to drink them.”

Burton is currently a sommelier at Fitzroy’s Moon Under Water. He’s also behind other natural-wine events, such as Handmade.

The pair is adamant to point out: this isn’t as much a wine-tasting event as it is a full-blown wine party.

“(Wine) tastings are a great opportunity to try wines, but they don't usually do enough justice to the wines like these that are made to be consumed with relish and delight,” de Maria says.

Chefs from Belle’s Hot Chicken, Builders Arms and Garagistes (Hobart) will lend dishes to the event. One of Tasmania’s best craft breweries, Two Metres Tall, will provide cleansing ales should all that wine prove too much. Holy Goat will take care of all things cheese related.

“This is a collection of incredibly committed growers, young and old, who spend hour after painstaking hour in the vineyard, promoting bio-diversity and organics, generally working alone and producing extremely rewarding wines,” de Maria says. “It’s a diverse bunch, linked by a very real love of their work.”

SoulFor Wine is on Sunday July 5 at 1000 Pound Bend, 361 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne from 12pm until midnight. Tickets are $20 and include a glass.