• There will be more than 50 varieties of dumplings available at the annual Melbourne Dumpling Festival.

• MPavilion is giving away free coffee throughout October and November if you bring your own cup.

• Melbourne’s Black Pearl was named 22 in the World’s 50 Best Bar Awards.

• Shannon Bennett is closing Bistro Vue after 11 years. In its place he’s opening Ike Jime, a seafood restaurant.

• A number of new spots have opened in Richmond in recent months, including the city’s most over-qualified sandwich shop.

• Fitzroy North’s newest cafe, Mary Miller, brings timeless neighbourhood simplicity to a residential corner.

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• The iconic American Bar at the Savoy Hotel in London is popping up in Melbourne for two nights only.

• Abbotsford’s Dr Morse is hosting a series of Asian garden barbeques every Sunday from now into the New Year.

• The owner of Rum Diary is opening a new basement bar in the GPO building, which will be all about “blues, whisky and rum”.

• Australia has the highest level of seaweed diversity in the world – how are chefs using it in new ways?