• The Grampians is getting a new fine dining restaurant. It’s the folks from the award-winning Royal Mail Hotel, in a new fancy off-site location.

At Calia in the CBD, finish your meal, then walk a few steps into the adjoining store and buy the rare and interesting ingredients to have a go yourself.

• Chris Lucas, the man behind Chin Chin and Hawker Hall, has lured the stars from acclaimed Sydney restaurant Sepia to open a new fine diner in Melbourne.

• Quay has been named as Australia’s first entry in the World’s 50 (actually 100) Best Restaurants Awards.

• Cheese and wine lovers (read, everyone) should get themselves down to the latest festival celebrating the pair at Meat Market this weekend.

• Get your coffee at the Co-Ground Coffee charity pop-up in Collingwood this weekend, and 100 per cent of what you pay will go towards funding education programs in Vanuatu.

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• Summer is over, but that doesn’t mean your ice-cream cravings are. Ben and Jerry’s is here to help, giving away free ice-cream across Melbourne next Tuesday.

• The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival is back. This year, it has its own headquarters, and we got to take an early look.

• Bluebonnet Barbecue now has its own food truck, Mabel. Naturally, Mabel has a blue bonnet.

• Good Beer Week is back again in May and just dropped a staggering line-up. Don’t miss out on the some of the best events.

• Melbourne is hosting a beer and coffee festival this weekend because, Melbourne.

• Want free burgers from the burger joint of your choice for a year?

• The term “specialty coffee” is outdated. Here’s why.

• Get some nostalgic sips in at Melbourne institution Meyers Place before it closes in June.

• It was only a matter of time before pinball and whisky collided in Melbourne. That time is now.

• British-born chef and restaurateur Paul Wilson, has just opened the first instalment of his three-part Prahran Market venue Wilson & Market, with Mr Wilson’s Tuckshop.