• To stock her Fitzroy store, Joni Marcelis scours the countryside for small-batch groceries made by tiny businesses.

• A Melbourne duo is bringing our city’s coffee culture to California with Common Room Roasters.

Stokehouse, Attica alumni have opened Hector’s Deli in Richmond, specialising in sandwiches.

• At the halfway point of the year, we look back at 2017’s Best Restaurants and 2017’s Best Bar openings.

• Alex O’Brien won’t be using disposable coffee cups in her new cafe. Instead, for takeaway, she’ll hand you a mug from the Emergency Mug Wall.

• A new range of coffee makes women the focus of every part of the coffee production chain – from farming, to sourcing, to roasting.

• Peter Gunn’s IDES is now doing experimental nights.

• A new cafe and deli in Highett takes its inspiration from those old, perhaps idealised, local food stores where everyone knows your name.

• Andrew McConnell’s Supernormal Canteen opens this week in St Kilda. Here’s the new menu.

• McConnell’s penchant for St Kilda seems to be growing – he’ll open his second Meatsmith outpost on Barkly Street in August.