• Mr & Mrs Anderson, new to Hawthorn East, is a farm-to-plate joint that comes with an exceptional pedigree.

When you walk into Lukumades, you’ll smell fried dough, chocolate and coffee. If you haven’t tried Greek doughnuts before, this is your chance.

• On the subject of golden dough, Flour Market is hosting a festival dedicated to them in May.

• South Melbourne’s got a sleek new daytime diner, with a nutritionist behind the menu.

• Two childhood friends have opened up a cosy new wine-bar in Richmond.

• In the not-too-distant future craft breweries may be able to create their own bespoke strains of barley, helped by Australian scientists who have helped uncover the precise genetic makeup of the grain.

• Some of Melbourne's best chefs are coming together to show you a new approach to eating, using rescued food, in a special dinner at Queen Victoria Market.