• East Brunswick’s got itself a New York-inspired wine bar from the man behind La Luna.

• Meanwhile, two Rockpool somms have set up their own watering hole in Collingwood, Comptoir.

• Carlton food festival Bon Fromage vastly underestimated Melbourne’s love of cheese, and has been forced to cancel this weekend’s events.

• Could you face a plate of bugs after a big night? A new Richmond cafe has faith in you and has added insects to its menu.

• A three-storey, Ottolenghi-inspired cafe has opened on High Street. The best part? The massive rooftop for outdoor brunching.

• Do you know pizza boxes can’t be recycled if they’re dirty? A new Windsor pizza joint has come up with a clever solution.

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• The Hanoi Hannah team is launching a Hawaiian delivery service with free poke bowls this Saturday.

• Just in time for summer, Piccolina Gelateria has reworked the choc-top for Hawthorn’s Lido Cinema.

• Following the excellent recent collaboration with Firedoor, Atlas Dining’s getting together with Rice Paper Scissors for a one-off dinner.