Heston hates it when you take photos of his food.

Higher Ground’s admittedly exciting opening has been pushed back a week thanks to a shonky cooktop – get in line for Monday.

Matt Wilkinson’s Brunswick milk bar, grocer and canteen, Jack Horner, has closed. Pope Joan and next-door Hams and Bacon are still going strong.

There were free burgers. Then the government got involved. No free burgers. Then free burgers again. Catch up on the 48-hour saga here.

Meanwhile: free burgers! Leonard’s House of Love is giving away cheeseburgers this weekend – no strings attached.

Tokyo Tina’s dedicated ramen month ends this weekend with a ramen-eating competition.

The dudes behind Milton Wine Shop and Toorak Cellars have opened a wine bar with a focus on the French Alps. It’s called The Alps.

Poffertjes, pretzels, pierogi, wurst, flammkuchen, glüwhein and brûlée to help you bulk up for winter at the European Night Market.

Matt Stone and Jo Barrett are cooking for the kids from Wine Compass among the vines of Oakridge Estate.

One of Melbourne’s best bottlos, Blackhearts and Sparrows, are bringing the booze to MIFF’s official bar this year.

Modern Mr Whippy, Aqua S, has imported Okinawa-style soft-serve with fairy floss and toasted marshmallow to Melbourne. Settle down.

Ex-Supernormal chef, Scott Blomfield, has reimagined Grub’s menu, with new dishes such as blue swimmer and kombu risotto.