• Melbourne pitmasters Fancy Hanks get fancier with a two-storey barbecue joint in the CBD (with table service).

• The ramen professionals at Hakata Gensuke are opening a chicken-ramen store in the city.

• There’s a new head chef at Supernormal. He’s returning lunchtime ramen for winter – chicken ramen, actually. Trend?

• Junya Yamasaki, innovative chef and mate of McConnell, is currently in Marion’s kitchen for a four-day takeover.

• The original natural wine bar, Clever Polly’s, has gone Japanese too, with an all-new omakase menu.

• Frenchy baker Gontran Cherrier is cooking croissants in Collingwood just like they do in Montmartre.

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• Our own Frenchman Philippe Mouchel is back in a subterranean kitchen (his rotisserie chicken too).

• Celebrated Swiss pâtissier, Pierre Roelofs, is hosting his series of ‘Dessert Studies’ at Milkwood, with a sugary degustation every Thursday.

• Pidapipo makes ice-cream lovers hyperventilate with its new gelato cakes.

• St Hotel in St. Kilda kicks out its Thai menu, goes Euro-BBQ instead.

• Tickets on sale for new one-day “fleshtival” Meat Your Maker, bringing together wine and sustainable meat from the team behind Game of Rhones.

• The lunatics at Po’Boy Quarter are serving fried-chicken doughnuts. Pay extra and they’ll inject it straight into your aorta.