This isn’t just a coffee-delivery service where you order a bag of beans, get an automated response and a package shows up a few days later. If you have a coffee need – any coffee need – text the number and it'll be met swiftly, often on the same day.

The brains behind the service are Athan Didaskalou and Cosmo McIntyre of Three Thousand Thieves. In the face of “app overload” they saw opportunity in the simplicity of SMS-based services, popular in the US, such as

The order can be as straightforward as a local batch brew, or as complex as a commercial-sized coffee machine. “If you need a tuxedo to wear while drinking your coffee, then I’m sure we can work something out!” says Didaskalou.

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Devoid of pre-filled forms and automated processing, this SMS system allows for a more personalised experience. “People are often surprised to have an actual person respond to them,” says Didaskalou.

The SMS service is the next step in Three Thousand Thieves’ subscription service, which has been running for two years. Members who sign up receive a new blend from one of Melbourne’s best small-batch coffee roasters once a month. Partner roasters include Sensory Lab, Padre and Dukes among many others.

For Didaskalou and McIntyre, in a coffee-obsessed city home to so many roasters, it’s all about curating what is out there and helping people discover it.

Three Thousand Thieves is also attracting interest from small businesses that may need tools or even milk quicker than their usual suppliers allow. It has its sights set on becoming the number-one coffee supplier in Australia – so you may be seeing its delivery crew around more often.

Text +61 481 070 402 for coffee and the coffee related.