When it opened in late 2009, Slowbeer represented the birth of a new specialty beer niche that, in a short time, has left a lasting impression on Melbourne. After a recent move to a new, bigger venue in Richmond, Slowbeer continues to break boundaries by becoming Melbourne’s first craft beer store and cafe.

Taking inspiration from the slowfood movement, Slowbeer focuses on sourcing a variety of local microbrews and obscure international imports boasting dynamic flavours and almost demanding their drinkers sit down and savour the experience.

And while maintaining stock of more than 1000 beers is no easy feat, the product that truly keeps customers coming back are the growlers – two litre glass jugs, filled with any of the four rotating beers on tap, for around the $40 mark.

The only problem with the old set up was that visitors couldn’t linger to enjoy their specialty beer; or if they got a little carried away at a beer tasting, they had no food to refuel with.

So with their move in April, Slowbeer decided to break the mould again by not only expanding in size but also in concept. Taking inspiration from European beer cafes, Slowbeer now has their very own cafe space where customers can enjoy their purchased brews and snack on the premises.

To eat, Slowbeer offers a simple but complementary menu: a hearty selection of artisan cheeses or a charcuterie plate featuring meats like pancetta and wagyu bresaola.

Those new to specialty beer might find the task of choosing one beer out of 1000 a little overwhelming. But again, Slowbeer has got your back, with the Slowbeer Box. Staff organise a selection of beers catered to your specific taste preferences and price range, turning up in the mail as often as you’d like.

And if you’re looking to expand your palate, make sure to keep your eyes out for Slowbeer’s upcoming tasting and food pairing events.

With all of these on-site changes, Slowbeer has also made a few off-site additions, like a new online beer store featuring the entire range. They even ship internationally. Is there a better gift for a homesick friend living overseas that some delicious local microbrews? Probably not.

We’ve never seen a beer store go to such lengths to make specialty beer easy and accessible to the public. And for their undying love of beer, we salute them.

468 Bridge Rd, Ricmond
(03) 9421 3838

Daily noon-9pm