Owner of Shizuku David Chen already combines noodle soup with a passion for craft beer at his Abbotsford restaurant. Now Shizuku is serving modern Japanese ramen inside Smith Street’s Forester's Hall beer hall. Chen explains the restaurant’s philosophy: “Usually ramen is associated with fast food – you have a bowl of noodles and then leave. I wanted to create more of a ramen dining experience, a place you could stay and take your time.”

The special Forester’s menu features seven styles of ramen, including a hakata and Mongolian sea-salt broth with pork belly, egg and white soy, known as shio ramen. There is a large selection of zensai (sharing dishes) on the menu, such as Asahi-battered oysters, lobster sliders, Ken’s fried chicken, wasabi prawns and chicken-thigh yakitori (exclusive to the Forester’s Shizuku restaurant).

Japanese packaged sweets are also available, with limited-edition cheesecake KitKats and Pocky chocolate-coated biscuits. Enjoy ramen and zensai with leading Japanese lagers and a wide range of local and international craft beers. Shizuku is located at the front of Forester’s Hall and includes modest window and bar seating. The ramen outpost will also serve inside Forester’s Hall and Woody’s Attic Dive, the bar upstairs.

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Shizuku (Forester’s Hall)
64 Smith Street, Collingwood

Daily 4pm–midnight