It’s been just over half a year since Simon Griffiths and Zanna McComish opened non-for-profit bar Shebeen, the first of its kind in Melbourne, in an effort to provide donations to the Third World through the sales of their drinks and food. And it’s had a hell of a debut.

Since their opening in February this year, Shebeen has raised a mighty $12,000 ready for donation. To mark this achievement, they’ve teamed up with Coffee Supreme and Storm in a Teacup to give away free coffee and tea with a takeaway purchase over $10 all week.

The Manchester Lane bar’s menu includes crunchy French-Vietnamese banh mis, pint-sized sliders with jalapeno jam, pork belly and mayo, as well as two new superfood vegan and gluten free salads developed by The Staple Store. Their vegan housemade ice creams are also back to herald Melbourne entering the warmer months.

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“This new menu has been designed much more for lunch dine in and takeaways, and to launch this new menu and to say thank you to our customers for their support, we’re doing the complimentary tea and coffees,” says Griffiths.  

The first $12,000 will be split up between developing countries, depending on which drinks Shebeen’s customers consumed up to June 30th.

“We serve alcohol from developing countries, where the profits from each are then donated to the country they come from,” says Griffiths, “It’s up to the customer to decide where the donation is going.”

“$12,000 is a great achievement, but that’s just increasing. The goal is somewhere between $100,000 to $200,000 for the end of our first year. We’re on track to make that happen.”