Seven Seeds is headed for Fairfield.

“We’re so overdue,” says Bridget Amor, who owns the Carlton cafe and roastery with Mark Dundon. On April 1 the duo will take possession of a warehouse on Montefiore Street, near Casa Iberica Deli, with about twice as much room as Carlton.

The plan is to move the admin side of the business immediately. The roasting operations will follow in July. A refurbished 60-kilogram Probat roaster is on its way here from Germany, to join Seven Seeds’ existing five- and 15-kilogram models. “They’re renowned for being the finest roasters,” Amor says. The space won’t be open to the public.

In Carlton, the kitchen will be renovated and the cafe enlarged, with a view to long-term trade. Over the past seven years, this space has acted as the capital of a healthy empire. Dundon and Amor currently run Traveller, Hortus and Brother Baba Budan, with a score of other successful cafes behind them.

Their former employees went on to found some of the best coffee spots in the city: Cheerio, Burnside, Everyday Coffee, The Premises and Patricia. In a way, it’s surprising it’s taken Seven Seeds so long to outgrow its current home.

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