With a fourth city outlet now open in Melbourne, Sensory Lab is in prime position to take the pulse of city workers’ appetites.

“People are becoming more conscious of what they’re eating,” says Lachlan Ward, retail manager at Sensory Lab’s latest outlet, situated on Collins Street. “We’re seeing a big push towards healthy foods, while still being quick and easy to take back to the office.”

Efficient service for everyday rituals is the cafe’s main focus. They even have a conveyer-belt toaster promptly supplying customers with different varieties of toasted dishes.

“We sourced the conveyor toaster out of Germany,” says Ward. “It doesn’t dry out the toast, but instead caramelises everything and keeps it nice and moist on the inside. It’s magic.”

Their latest toast item on the menu is the dark rye tartine, with cranberry-infused Philadelphia cream cheese, Leadoux turkey and tarragon. “Turkey and cranberry is a classic combination that just works,” says Ward. “We wanted to create something that was really simple and could be eaten everyday, but also done really well.”

Ward says the secret to the dish starts with the bread. “It has to be toasted crisp,” he says. “The turkey we use is Australia’s most notable producer of free-range turkey and works nicely with the dark rye. So you’ve got the flavour from the turkey seasoning, sweetness from the cranberry, and smoothness from the Philadelphia cream cheese.”

The open sandwich’s ingredients make it particularly versatile, says Ward. “The beauty of toast and Philadelphia is that they work so well with so many different combinations,” he says. “You can sub out the cranberry and tarragon and sub in whatever you have at home, such as pomegranate and dill.”

To cut through the lunch dish, Ward recommends pairing it with a sparkling water or iced filter coffee.

Sensory Lab’s Dark Rye Tartine Sandwich is available in-store for a limited time. Here’s how to make it at home.

Sensory Lab’s Dark Rye Tartine Sandwich
Serves 1

200g Philadelphia cream cheese
50g cranberry sauce
2 slices dark rye, about 1cm thick
200g turkey breast, cooked and thinly sliced
1 small bunch tarragon
Salt and pepper

Let the Philadelphia cream cheese warm to room temperature and place in a bowl. Stir through cranberry sauce.

Toast bread to desired level.

Generously spread Philadelphia cream cheese mixture across both slices, ensuring it goes all the way to edges. Top each one with 3 slices of turkey breast, folded into halves.

Garnish with a small sprig of tarragon. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

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