The menu at Mammoth is a bit different.

Most cafes offer hotcakes. Mammoth does a Wagon Wheel-inspired iteration, with strawberry marshmallow and a scoop of coconut gelato. Avocado on toast? Mammoth serves a bowl of avocado and cashew pesto with pickled kale and black sourdough. Its famous burger – a whole baby lobster wedged inside a custom made 5 & Dime doughnut – is no longer on the menu. But its replacement more than makes up for it. And it’s only available via Deliveroo.

The temporary item is a doughnut cheeseburger: a salt-and pepper-crusted soft doughnut, filled with ground chuck steak, bacon, American cheddar cheese, smoked green tomato pickle, Tabasco sauce and lettuce.

Mammoth chef Emma Jeffrey says the off-menu creation is an appropriately fleeting homage to nostalgia. “I like to base my food around childhood memories,” says Jeffrey. “Even though it seems different, the flavours are familiar. There’s nothing better than eating something that reminds you of when you were a child. They’re often our fondest memories.”

Take Mammoth’s Golden Gaytime panna cotta, or its North Shore dish. The latter – carefully plated rounds of smoked ham hock, torched pineapple, jalapeno and poached eggs – is inspired by Hawaiian pizza. “I would say that nearly every child has eaten Hawaiian pizza before,” she says.

“I like creating dishes that people are familiar with,” says Jeffrey, “but I also think people like things that aren’t the norm.”

Perhaps that’s why people continue to queue at Mammoth a year after it opened. Or it could be the Mammoth team’s pedigree. Owners Jamie and Loren McBride previously ran extraordinarily successful cafes Touchwood, Barry and Pillar of Salt, while Jeffrey’s resume includes fine diners Matteo’s and Fenix, and more recently Hammer & Tong.

If there’s a secret to its success it seems to be the team has learned to create a destination. The good thing about its doughnut cheeseburger is you don’t need to battle the queues to try one.

The Doughnut Cheeseburger is available until Wednesday July 27, only via Deliveroo.

This article is presented in partnership with Deliveroo.