In an attempt to find out more about the food she eats, author Sarah Robins has created a beautiful book full of seasonal recipes, farmers’ and food producers’ stories and tips on how to shop and eat sustainably.

Titled Seasonal Regional, the book sees Robins put forward some ethical suggestions about where to buy your food (not surprisingly, the supermarket duopoly doesn’t rate a mention). Sure, you may have been to a farmers’ market, but how about a food swap or a food cooperative?

The book was produced by the Sustainable Table, an innovative organisation which advocates for a more fair, healthy and humane food system.

The Sustainable Table is keen to promote mindful meat eating. As managing director Cassie Duncan explains, “We have a romantic idea that the animals we eat have been raised in vast open fields dotted with eucalyptus trees and sparkly sun rays, but the reality is that over 500 million animals in Australia are raised in enclosed sheds with no access to the outdoors or natural light.”

But the book certainly doesn’t preach about converting to vegetarianism, with many recipes that will please carnivores. However, after reading some of the farmers’ stories (like the Snaiths of Warialda Beef and the Kumnicks of Greenvale) you’ll probably think twice about where your next cut of meat comes from.

Robins has profiled a host of Victorian farmers and producers, including the folks at Alpine Cherries and Chestnuts, Mt Zero Olives and Yarra Valley Caviar.

“My hope is that the book will give people more insight into what goes into the produce they buy,” says Robins, “rather than just whether broccoli and milk are more expensive this week.”

On March 13, Sarah Robins and the Sustainable Table will join with Matt Wilkinson and Hilary McNevin for a wet and wild evening of sustainable seafood fare and matched wines as part of the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival. To book tickets click here.

The book is available now at selected bookstores and via the Sustainable Table website.