In the blistering heat of Phuket, Thailand, stumbling across cold-plate ice cream is like salvation. It’s by no means a trend over there – only a few vendors offer it. But it may well become one in Melbourne.

Justin Huang and Sam Kothari are behind Scroll – Melbourne’s first Thai cold-plate ice creamery – which serves preservative-free ice cream. The pop-up is right next door to Soldier On and Oak & Steel Wine Bar on High Street, and a few doors from Hanoi Hannah.

The scrolls are made using milk and cream from St David’s Dairy in Fitzroy. It’s then poured onto a -20°C cold plate and left to freeze. Different fillings are then added before being flattened against the mixture like a pancake. It’s then scraped up to form four or five pretty scrolls, and served up in a cup.

There are vegan options made with a coconut-cream base, which can be mixed with fresh fruits such as blueberries and lychee.

“After our pop-up at the Hank Marvin [markets], we realised there’s a demand for vegan and gluten-free ice cream in this area. It’s hard for traditional gelato stores to deliver vegan flavours, but the way our ice cream is made makes it easy,” Kothari says.

Non-vegan flavours include the Fresh Mint of Bel Air, a spin on choc-mint ice cream. It substitutes artificial flavouring for fresh mint leaves. The Pav-Lover combines meringue and fresh strawberries. The Nutter Butter Biscuit fuses Tim Tams, Nutella and peanut butter.

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Huang and Kothari also want your input. If you suggest an impressive new ice-cream flavour during your visit, it goes on the menu and you get to name it. You score a free one, too, of course.

The Scroll pop-up store runs until the end of February 2016.

Scroll Pop-up
190 High Street, Windsor

Daily 12pm till 12am