Trained cook, baker, interior designer and now full-time pastry chef Julian Chew has been keeping tabs on the doughnut boom in Melbourne. And believes he can create a similar, cinnamon-scroll-inspired ripple effect.

“We should have more variety instead of just doughnuts,” says Chew. “Scrolls are an all-day food, there’s no specific time to eat them, anytime is perfect.”

Pop Up Scroll is the next venture for Julian and his wife Tammy Chew, former owners of Lip Café in Ivanhoe.

They bake two batches of scrolls daily, one in the morning for the eat-on-the-run rush and again in the afternoon for the tea-and-coffee crowd, (coffee at the pop-up is by Coffee Supreme).

At the moment the flavours include the traditional cinnamon bun with cream-cheese frosting; a Malyasian-inspired scroll with shredded coconut and white chocolate; peanut butter and banana; and chocolate and caramel, all on a brioche base.

“The choc-caramel was originally a tart filling I use, but now it’s a soft bun instead of a crispy pastry so the mouth feel is pretty crazy,” says Julian.

Other combinations include a pistachio and cherry and an apple and frangipane, which are baked using a croissant base, similar to an escargot or pain aux raisins – sans the raisins.

With a few flavours still in the works, Julian also plans to create a couple of Christmas-themed scrolls.

Pop Up Scroll will be around until April. The plan is to then find a permanent location. Julian is also exploring wholesale possibilities.

Pop Up Scroll
86 Smith Street, Fitzroy

Mon to Fri 8am–4pm
Sat 9am–4pm