Once again the inaugural Victorian Siphon Championship has come and gone with Melbourne’s coffee connoisseurs cramming North Melbourne’s favourite cafe Auction Rooms for the highly anticipated event.

Competing for a very fancy “tabi” siphon with matching engraved paddle and more importantly a trip to Japan to compete at the World Siphon Championships, entrants have 10 minutes to create two identical siphons and a signature beverage.

Despite careful planning and training the pressure of the crowd and tight time limit sees even the most seasoned pros get a bit hot under the collar.

Brushing off the pressure to take home first place was Will Glover from Auction Rooms. The home favourite flew through his 10 minutes with the flourish and flair of a natural performer, pulling out liquid nitrogen to cool his signature siphon before mixing it with malt, sugar and molasses to create a coffee beer hybrid, certainly impressed the crowd and judges.

In second place was the industrious Johnny Vroom (previously from Proud Mary) who’s been busy opening Ora -his first cafe venture in the quaint Kew shopping village.

Finally the former head-barista of ST ALi, who’s now practicing his skills at The Premises, Aaron Wood, took out third place. Wood also won the best signature drink award for his uncomplicated blood orange creation.

Glover is now in intensive training and should almost be starting to pack his bags for the Australia at the World Siphon Championships in Japan, which take place on September 30.