The Salford Lads Club is a little bit of everything that Melbourne’s best is made of. Named after the image on the inside cover of The Queen is Dead – “I’m a mad Smiths fan,” says owner Greg Saunders – the space shines in its love of detail. From a constantly changing lunch menu to the bricks that Saunders himself cut by hand out of recycled pavement (he is, after all, a bricklayer by trade), every nook and cranny is thoughtfully defined. As a tradesman, Saunders loves the marks of the maker: imperfectly welded edges are turned out so that they’re visible. Each of the panes of glass in the front windows is still numbered. Every object in the cafe has its own story.

In the three or so weeks since the cafe opened, Saunders has managed to create a new kind of boys club, one that indulges in good coffee, slow cooked lamb and a tire swing. But you can still expect to see a pile of flashy fix speed bikes hanging on the walls and stacked out front, many from Saunders’ own collection. Over lunch you can hear skaters grinding on the other side of the wall where Globe apparel has its headquarters. Saunders is slowly building a brick oven out front, by hand of course, and as the weather improves, regulars can look forward to Thursday and Friday night tapas and cocktails.

Salford Lads Club
1 Fennell Street (corner of Bridge Street), Port Melbourne

Mon-Fri 7am-4pm
Sat 8am-4pm
Sunday Closed (for the time being)