The man behind Grand Trailer Park Taverna and Truck Stop Deluxe, Dani Zeini, has opened a second Royal Stacks outlet in Brunswick.

Although a sister to the Collins Street flagship, there are some small differences, such as a halal-friendly menu.

“We get a lot of phone calls asking if our menus are halal, and we don’t really offer it at our other venues,” Zeini says. “So we decided to open a Stacks with a halal menu, so people could try what was at our other venues,” says Zeini.

With a large Middle Eastern community in the area, Sydney Road seemed like the right place to do it.

Mark Mariotti from St Kilda’s 7 Apples Gelato has again collaborated on Stacks’s frozen custards to create new flavours, such as baklava, and a rosewater-and-pistachio flavour.

Looking ahead, Zeini says he wants to see this venue succeed before looking to open another. The next step may be getting a liquor licence for the Brunswick Stacks to match Collins Street, and some modifications to the burger menu.

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Royal Stacks Brunswick
800 Sydney Road, Brunswick

Wed to Sun 11.30am–10pm