It’s really quite simple: Pool your money together, buy wholesale organic vegetables in bulk and divide them up. It’s a little operation called the Moreland Veg Co-op and those in the collective are reaping the harvest.

The focus is on seasonally fresh produce from local organic suppliers. You won’t be getting bananas in spring or mangos in winter. You will get boxes of carefully chosen fruit and vegetables in their prime. As such, the selection changes every week.

Almost all money that members pay for their orders goes towards buying fruit and vegetables. So not only do they cut out the middleman, but the supplier doesn’t charge commission or delivery fees, which is why prices can remain low.

How it works

You can sign up as a member or trial the scheme for a month. Order a small box (usually 5–6kg of seasonally influenced fruit and vegetables) for $25, or a large box (10–12kg) for $50, and pick up the box on Thursday evening at the host house (often in the Brunswick area). Organic peanut butter and honey are also available.

New members are put on a roster to help sort the produce once or twice every two months. There is currently about 20 active houses participating in the scheme, but buy the mutually beneficial nature of a co-op, the more houses involved, the better. Members can also attend occasional meetings, where democratic decisions are made about the how the co-op operates. Talk about community spirit!

For more information, visit the Moreland Veg Co-op Facebook page or email