“It’s not fast food, but good food served quickly”, or so went the line from Sam Mendes’ modern classic American Beauty (1999). Ribs & Burgers adheres to this ethos as it pumps out marinated ribs, fat chips and burgers, plus the odd cabbage salad and traditional Greek salad to balance the palate.

While Melbourne is now saturated with American-style offerings, there’s always room for more, and with a successful store in Sydney, Ribs & Burgers already has quite a reputation.

The venue is still in its early stages, but already busy. Cooks adorned in butcher’s aprons pound the grill and bereted staff scatter about, delivering succulent US and Korean-style ribs.

There are fine burgers to be had too, with free-range, hormone and antibiotic-free patties and hand-rolled buns. The Cheese & Bacon and Dagwood (beetroot, bacon, egg and Swiss cheese) are highlights, as is the range of the Butcher’s Choice Burgers, including the Veggie, Salmon, Lamb, Wagyu and the Steak Roll.

It’s gourmet chow no doubt at Ribs & Burgers and the quality of the meat is first-rate, making for a positive addition to the otherwise stock-standard Northcote Plaza offerings.

With onion rings, a succession of sauces, pork riblets, a kids menu and made-to-order dishes flying out of the flames, Ribs & Burgers looks to capitalise on its robust Sydney stores in fine, workmanlike fashion.

Shop 94–96, Northcote Plaza, 3 Separation Street, Northcote
(03) 9482 7888

Mon to Thu 11am–10pm
Fri & Sat 11am–10.30pm
Sun 11am–10pm