Sushi is not a warming winter dish. That’s why contemporary Japanese diner Future Future is changing things up, adding ramen to the menu for these colder months.

“We’ve only done two, and we wanted to do those two really well,” says Stefanie Breschi, who co-owns the Richmond eatery along with the team from Milieu Hospitality (also of Collingwood wine bar Congress and Italian diner Lagotto).

The pork-belly ramen is made with rich tonkotsu (pork-bone broth) and a splash of chicken broth to give it a lighter body. Head chef Atsushi Kawakami then adds dried mushrooms soaked in soy sauce for depth, along with braised pork belly, a soy-marinated egg, nori, spring onion, furikake (a Japanese seasoning made from dried fish, seaweed and sesame) and chilli oil to complete the meal. A vegetarian option comes with a toasted-sesame-infused broth, tofu and shimeji mushrooms, finished with watercress, spring onion and chilli oil.

Noodles are made fresh every day, and if your broth isn’t spicy enough, order some kanzuri paste (a fermented mixture of red chillies, yuzu rind, malted rice and salt) so you can amp up the heat yourself.

Order your bowl of ramen on its own (the pork belly is $18 and the vegetarian is $17), or as part of a set ($30) that includes a Japanese beer, soft drink or a glass of wine and one otsumami (a snack designed to eat alongside alcohol). Try the meatball katsu sando, fried eggplant or tuna sashimi salad with wasabi mayo.

Future Future is open for lunch Thursday to Saturday from 12pm to 3pm.

This article first appeared on Broadsheet on May 15, 2019. Some details may have changed since publication.