Ramblr announced on Tuesday it’ll wrap things up in a couple of weeks, with the South Yarra diner’s last service set for Saturday, March 2.

Chef Nick Stanton and co-owners Guy Bentley, Jonathan Harper and Mark Catsburg, also of nearby Leonard’s House of Love and newcomer Leonardo’s Pizza Palace in Carlton, have plans to open a new concept in the space in the coming months.

Stanton told Broadsheet that Leonard’s and Leonardo’s are taking up a fair whack of his time, meaning the team isn’t giving Ramblr as much attention as they’d like.

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“It doesn’t feel right when we can’t be in there all the time,” Stanton says. “[Ramblr] is a very unique restaurant, and to keep it evolving you have to be in there and be on the pans more.”

Since opening in late 2016, Ramblr has attracted a dedicated following for Stanton’s inventive and playful take on Asian fare, such as the umami-heavy, spice-laden Chinese bolognaise (recently reinvented as a pizza at Leonardo’s), and a dish of delicately sliced calamari noodles with smoky bone marrow.

“It’s meant a lot to us. We opened this restaurant on Chapel Street smack bang in the middle of nightclubs, fast-food stores and chemists, what we’ve achieved is crazy. The restaurant means so much to me… I’d rather end it on a happy note and hopefully leave good memories for people rather than not being there,” Stanton says. “Maybe one day that will come back when there’s more time to focus … something might happen one day when the time is right."

It’ll be service as usual for the last few weeks, if you can nab a table.

“We’ll be going out with a big bang, and hopefully leave some good memories in everyone’s head,” Stanton says. “We’ve got something fun coming, something cool coming up that’s for sure. It’s going to be something for everyone, going along that formula that we’re a bit more known for.”

Ramblr’s last service will be Saturday March 2.