Late this morning, the staff at South Melbourne cafe St ALi, were winding down from the day’s first coffee rush and getting ready for the lunch crowd.

Quentin Tarantino enters stage left. He walks up to the register and orders a long black with fresh cream and milk.

“He was a pretty gracious and humble dude. We didn’t want to be the biggest fan-boys ever, even though we were all shaking with excitement behind the counter," says St ALi’s general manager, Lachlan Ward.

Supervising barista Jess Lambie says, “We briefly spoke about The Hateful Eight. He also told me that he had a very lovely night at the Sun Theatre in Yarraville last night.” The director, joined by actors Kurt Russell and Samuel L. Jackson, surprised fans at the cinema’s screening of the new film.

“I was trying not to shake, but he kept calling me honey. He was very sweet … very bashful.”

The Hateful Eight is in cinemas now.