Philippa Sibley, renowned chef and the unrivalled ‘queen of desserts’ has released PS Desserts, a cookbook for dessert lovers everywhere. The book features techniques and recipes to enable everyone to prepare her famous desserts at home.

Sibley is popularly known for her stint in the kitchen at Il Fornaio, where she first created her Snickers dessert. But Sibley’s talents and accomplishments lie in her work at some of the world’s most renowned restaurants, from Le Gavoroche, Est and Harvey’s in London, to La Cote Saint Jacques in France where she was Chef de Partie. In Melbourne alone her resume is long with est est est, Circa, The Prince, , Ondine and Bistro Guillaume included, where she has seduced diners with her intricately executed pastry and sweets as a maestro in the dessert department.

So really, it’s no surprise that PS Desserts is as much of a treat as her fruit tartlets. The first half of the book shares the fundamental techniques that Sibley has gathered over the years. It takes you step-by-step through everything from crème analgise to brioche. The second half of the book then shares a number of sweet recipes. These include a lemon tart, the special PS Snickers and a dessert she was invited to create for Oprah, a Peach Melb.

With exquisite, sharp, clean images throughout and a comprehensive how-to guide on all things sweet, PS Desserts encourages home cooks to make the final dish of a meal a showstopper in their own kitchen.

PS Desserts is now available at bookstores.