Take one step into Proud Mary and it’s crystal clear that Nolan Hirte and his team take coffee seriously. Very seriously. The grinders house a variety of Five Senses beans, some blends and some single origin. Once you’ve decided on a bean, the choices continue as to brewing method. Syphon, Clover or good old espresso from the behemoth Synesso machine.

Although coffee is clearly our poison, Proud Mary is an exception in the Melbourne cafe scene in taking just as much care in their tea. Again, there is an overwhelming choice of leaf and brewing method, ensuring your tea-drinking friends have something to look forward to as well.

But let’s not get side-tracked here, at the Broadsheet Cafe we’re all about coffee, and so is Nolan and his team today. They’re on the machine for the last working day before the long weekend. We’re pretty excited. Oh and there’s only 4 days left of the cafe, better make the most of it!

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