Hawk & Hunter Small Batch has swooped in on one of Melbourne’s most underappreciated suburbs, with a clean space, flourishing menu and a team of sharp staff.

Opening in Ripponlea last week, the eatery and providore comes courtesy of owners Ben Avramides, Tommy McIntosh, Luke Holt and Simon Winfield. The four are also behind Brighton’s The Little Ox and catering company Tommy Collins, making for one slick operation.

On offer is fair trade REDSTAR coffee alongside an honest, wintery menu that includes pulled pork and manchego cheese sandwiches, Spanish eggs, field mushroom risotto and black sesame encrusted rockling.

“In the providore we sell relishes, jams…we have crisps and croutons and a couple of things for people to take home to cook,” explains Holt. “There’s a 12-hour slow roasted lamb shoulder, spatchcock, lasagne, pie, meatballs,” he adds, noting ‘Small Batch’ as a nod to the care that goes into all of Hawk’s food. “It means that we do everything with a little bit more love and effort – not mass produced.”

This attention to detail is really what makes Hawk stand out. The staff call you by name once you're seated, while a $14.50 French toast is presented with the attention of a classic Italian dessert (even if the dish is wanting in terms of egg and butter content).

The fact that the food still seems to be finding its feet is remedied by the huge, plant filled space, which features an outdoor eating area and dining table at the rear. If the line to get a seat within Hawk’s first three days of opening is anything to go by, this bird has a long and gluttonous future ahead.

Currently awaiting their liquor license, the boys also plan to open in the evening for drinks and possibly snacks.

Hawk & Hunter Small Batch
Glen Eira Avenue, Ripponlea
(03) 9528 0798

Mon to Sun 6.30am–5pm