St Katherine’s opened in Kew last Friday after almost three years of planning by the Press Club Group with chefs George Calombaris and Shane Delia at the helm. Embracing the culture of shared-plates of food in the middle of the table, Calombaris and Delia (old friends and colleagues) see St Kat’s, as it’s already affectionately known, as a personal expression of how they like to eat. “It's about celebrating who we are, our families, our histories and our love of food,” Delia explains. “For us, dining is about celebrating family, friends and life, and what better way to do it than with a shared meal.”

With communal dining downstairs and a private dining room upstairs with an open kitchen in a large space designed by city-based architects Mills Gorman, St Katherine’s menu is very relaxed in its approach, with Modern Greek, Turkish and Middle Eastern its core inspirations.

The word ‘Stuff’ heads one section of small tastes like oysters, pickles, fresh ricotta or Turkish lamb dumplings (there’s also ‘Sweet Stuff’ and ‘Stuff to Drink’) although most of the menu is built around the swish kitchen with a wood-fired oven, 14-spike rotisserie and a Turkish grill that’s almost the length of the kitchen pass.

Expect to see wood-fired pides and rotisserie of the day. Kew hasn’t seen a restaurant like this in its neck of the woods before but, it seems, so far, so good, “We've been welcomed with open arms!” says Delia. “It's great to hear from locals that they're excited about having us in their neighbourhood.”

St Katherine’s
26 Cotham Road, Kew
(03) 9207 7477

Daily noon-late