From “we’re pregnant!” to “we’re not pregnant!” (and many other situations in between), sometimes those celebratory moments call for a bottle of champagne to magically materialise.

Turns out, like everything else, there is now an app for that. It’s called Press For Champagne and does just what the name suggests. Pernod Ricard’s International champagne house, G.H. Mumm, has joined forces with the guys behind the on-demand delivery app Liquorun to create what is essentially an Uber for Brut.

Choose from a selection of champagnes to be delivered efficiently to your doorstep in 30 to 45 minutes. But the real question is: will the champagne be chilled?

“As soon as an order goes through, one of our drivers is max 10 minutes away from the warehouse. So it’s going to be just as cold as if you went down to the local bottle shop and drove it to where ever you were going,” says Joel Macdonald, Liquorun’s co-founder.

The app is available for Apple iOS and Android.