Broadsheet and Sonos took over the private dining room at Ricky & Pinky last week to hold a Playlist Potluck dinner party for a Broadsheet reader and 15 of her friends.

What’s a Playlist Potluck? It’s a Sonos-inspired take on the traditional potluck concept, but instead of guests each bringing a dish to the communal table, they bring songs to play during the evening.

Over the course of the night, as dumplings were downed and house-made egg tarts were inhaled, competition winner Lauren and her guests went on a musical trip on which Kendrick Lamar sidled up to Aqua’s Doctor Jones and the Pitch Perfect soundtrack.

The preferred cocktail of the evening was the I Can’t Feel My Face When Umeshu, which is a combination of plum wine, spiced rum and bitters. Highlights from the bespoke Ricky & Pinky yum cha menu included rolled noodles with Chinese doughnut and pork floss; five-spice and sand-ginger-salted chicken; prawn toast with sesame; and honeycomb tripe with spicy sauce.

This article is produced by Broadsheet in partnership with Sonos. Find out more about Playlist Potluck.

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