Old-school Windsor joint Pizza Piazza disappeared behind a partition two months ago and has emerged as Melt Pizza. Behind the transformation is couple, Dan and Elise Gold, who plan to give Melburnians a fresh take on an old classic.

Dan and Elise learnt their skills at The Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (a global body which created ‘disciplines’ – describing everything from oven shape, to ingredients – that are the basis for the European trademark 'Pizza Napoletana') in Naples. The intensive course, which also taught Johnny Di Francesco of 400 Gradi, informed the duo on the fundamentals of the traditional pizza.

Melt invites its customers to pick and choose their own toppings. Starting from the base up, your pizza makes its way through the line of fresh, wholesome toppings and is then shoveled into the 400-degree oven where it’s cooked for two minutes before being presented, piping hot, on your plate. “I think people these days really know what they want … I thought, why not make a big open spread and let people build their own pizza?” explains Elise.

The healthier options are proving most popular, including a custom pesto base topped with grilled free-range chicken, spinach, roasted capsicum and goat’s cheese.

Interior-design company, Can I Play, created the modern space. Terracotta tiles line the walls, garlic cloves and chilies hang from the ceiling and an impressive wood-fired oven takes centre stage. Melt’s courtyard will be the perfect spot to compare custom-made pizzas with friends on a warm summer night.

Melt Pizza
171 Chapel Street, Windsor
1300 11 6358

Daily midday to 10pm